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If you are looking for flexible gigs with fast income, JobOnDemand is THE job search platform for you.

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If you need to hire temporary or ad hoc staff, JOD has a large community of job seekers ready to work anytime.

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  • JOD members are protected with accident and liability insurance coverage.
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JOD was designed specifically for businesses to hire staff in real-time via a mobile/web-based application. The hiring managers are guided with a simple step-bystep process of job posting, applicant selection and time clocking. The managers are kept up-to-date on the job statuses via SMS.

JOD is a free, easy-to-use mobile application that directly links you with reputable hiring companies in Singapore. You have the flexibility to choose jobs based on your preferred locations, dates and timings. Simply apply for your preferred jobs, receive updates on your application statuses and report for work. Use the JOD app to clock in and clock out for the jobs, enter your bank account details , and receive your payment as fast as the next business day.


  • Serene Peh

    "I’m so glad to have found out about JobsOnDemand during my school holidays. It is a convenient and easy-to-use platform for finding adhoc jobs. I’ll continue to use JobsOnDemand and recommend it to anyone who’s looking to earn some extra income during their free time."
  • Lutfil Hadi

    "JOD gives me flexibility with my shifts and work schedule. The pay rates are good and payment is processed very quickly. Plus, the working environment has been great, the staff I've met are friendly and willing to impart their knowledge to us. Would strongly recommend JOD to anyone looking for such good qualities in their job."
  • Tang WeiHao

    "Using JOD gives me the freedom to plan my own work schedule and work during my free time without any commitment. The app is user friendly and I can get help easily when I encounter any technical problems."

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